Saturday, July 23, 2011

Last Minute Shanghai

This is not the pool. In case you were wondering
Ok folks, we're finally here. Although technically the meet doesn't start to tomorrow, prelims will actually be beginning at 9pm US eastern standard time tonight. I know what you're thinking- how rude of the Chinese not to schedule the meet around our prime time broadcast schedule again like in 2008. Everybody knows the best racing conditions for finals are first thing in the morning!

Women's 100 Fly will be the first race in the water. Start lists went up late yesterday, so if you must peruse them then go here. I am also working hard to track down a live feed so that people who crave more than some NBC highlights can get that.

The debut event will be huge for the American women. It's a race they aren't the favorite in, so if one of the US women can pull out a big prelim swim, it may be the momentum they need for the rest of the meet.

We'll get our first look at Cesar "Furosemide" Cielo in the 50 fly, the 4th event of the morning. We'll also get a look at how all the young, fast 400 freestylers look.

Which reminds me, I guess I have to submit my official race picks to David "Learner's Permit" Reider today. I'm going to get to that.


  1. Found a live feed, been watching the diving here....only catch is, its in Chinese.....better than a blank screen I guess....cheers!

  2. Anyone have any experience with viewing online with Universal Sports? They charge 10 dollars to watch all sessions of the meet, but does anyone know if you can only watch the sessions as they happen live (6am and 9pm EST) or could I watch them in full at anytime of the day?

  3. I'll have you know, Chris DFLSantis, David RIEDER has had his driver's license for a year and a half.

  4. Oh yeah I forgot you lick in South Carolina. Do they even have a "drivin' test"?