Friday, July 15, 2011

Laure Manadou is At My Sectional

Laure was really excited to see Chris DeSantis at her sectional.

So I'm standing at warm up for the Southern Sectional when I notice a woman warming up. She looks familiar and out of place at the same time. Then I realize: that's Laure Manadou!

Laure is launching a relatively low key comeback at this meet. It feels strange to see her here because a part of me still feels like she should be getting ready for Shanghai in two weeks.

I wrangled Brett Hawke for a few minutes during warmup to pump him for information. He is trying to manage expectations. It is the challenge of elite coaching. On the one hand you are privileged to coach some of the most talented swimmers in the world. On the other hand you have enormous pressure to produce outstanding results.

Laure swam the 50 yesterday and took second. The 50 wasn't exactly a huge part of her repertoire when she was on top of the world. Today's 200 free and 100 back should be a much better indicator of where she is. It feels weird to call her an underdog but she is and that means I'm cheering for her.

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  1. The woman had a baby about 16 months ago and posts a personal best time yesterday. I'm still losing the "baby weight" after 8 years. Mad props, Laure.

  2. She swam awesome this morning: 2:01 200 free and I think she shut it down, and I believe a 1:01.9 100 back. I am very impressed. She is also smaller than I thought- I guess I blew her up be like 6'3 in my mind.

  3. I met her at the charlotte Ultra swim in 09. She was watch Fred B during warm ups before prelims. she was quiet and really pissed off when I said hello to her. It was awkward, but she wasnt swimming, she was just standing by the door so i thought, why the heck not. I didnt even get a hello or a smile or anythign back. If looks could kill i would be dead.. She just walked away.

    I was so bummed, she is very pretty

  4. with her time of 1.01.12 in the 100 back she is 1st in the french ranking and would have been the french champion . her time of 1.59.30 in the 200 free puts her 5th in the french ranking so that is good new for our relay next year .