Friday, July 29, 2011

Shanghai Day 6: Another Great Day For Denmark

In other breaking news, Jeannette Ottesen is both TALL and BLOND. More to follow
Don't like overly patriotic Danish swimming coverage? Then go to another blog. The lead story for me in this morning/night final was Jeanette Ottesen of Denmark finishing in a tie for first in the women's 100 free. This makes two (!!!!) freestyle events where the Kingdom of Denmark is now faster than the United States with a third possible, despite the US's 60:1 population advantage and countless other resources. Here are my other thoughts from tonight's finals:
Everything panned out pretty much the way it was supposed to in the 200 back. Ryan Lochte won by a lot and Ryosuke Irie reaffirmed that he is pretty much just as fast whenever.

Likewise, the 200 breaststroke was the Rebecca Soni show, with Efimova only slightly making things interesting and McCabe of Canada winning her first world medal.

The final individual event was a victory for mega yardage where, despite a significant timing hitch, Daniel Gyurta had the best fitness down the stretch and won the 200 over Kosuke Kitajima. 

The race of the night was undoubtedly the men's 4x200 relay, where France swam with the US for about 700 meters before falling to the undeniable Ryan Lochte. It was fun while it lasted, and gave hope that this relay just might be hotly contested in London next summer.

Lastly, thank you for all who joined us live! It was a fun experiment- we'll be looking for feedback on whether we should continue.


  1. Det er et yndigt land...

  2. Thanks Jon! It really is a lovely land- I'll be there in 10 days.

  3. Nice, Rókur will be there as well. You guys have to meet ;)

    Jeanette was awesome tonight.. maaaaan I was high after that 100m ;o)

  4. Continue with the show, the Universal Sports commentators are so bland.

  5. Jeanette looked so wonderfully happy, ligeså yndig som landet.