Monday, July 18, 2011

Mom or Dad? If you were an Olympic Swimmer Who Would You Choose?

Last month the blogosphere was buzzing with news and opinions about the London Olympics.  The big story was how most people who applied, no matter where they lived, were not able to access tickets to any events . The British press was especially vocal about the "failure of the system" to allocate tickets properly.  It was done by lottery, which I think was the fairest way to do it.  Demand was extraordinarily high.  CoSport in Australia said they received 9,129 requests for swimming and that's just freakin' Australia.

In perusing through all the bitching I came across another angle to the story which seemed pretty important.  It seemed due to the overwhelming demand for swimming tickets both the UK and Australian Olympic Committees were allocating one ticket per event per swimmer.  All other athletes were allocated 2 tickets per event per athlete.  A grandfather of one of the British swimmers was outraged and called for the public to contact The Royal Important People of the Olympic Thing of Great Britain and complain.

In Australia, things weren't fairing any better.  Stephanie Rice's mother didn't receive tickets through the lottery.  Her father received 2.  Stephanie Rice was quoted as saying, "I cannot believe that people who are on the journey with you are being snubbed.  I thought 2 tickets each for Beijing was pushing the limits but 1 is just outrageous."  Stephanie's mother said she couldn't afford the only other option which was to purchase deluxe packages  through CoSport which cost $20,000 AU.

In the UK the issue was quickly resolved and British swimmers were allocated 2 tickets.  I was unable to find out if it was resolved in Australia, too.  I also couldn't find information about how many tickets American swimmers will receive but I'm assuming it's 2 as well.  All's that left in the US through CoSport are the deluxe packages.  For $20,000 US I don't know what you get but I assume it's tickets, accommodations, your own fiefdom, lap dances from Pippa and/or Harry...I don't really know.

So here's the question.  Should seating be reserved for families?  My nephew just graduated high school and he got 6 tickets and even that was tough.  Some athletes may have to choose just mom or dad.  We've all watched the Bob Costas "up close and personal" stories during the Olympics.  Everyone makes tremendous sacrifices.  So should they get a seat?  Or like I tell my kids, "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit."  You guys already know I'll be on my couch watching 24/7 coverage while eating Subway and power chugging G2s.  If Debbie Phelps wants to join me she's more than welcome.  I've got seats.

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  1. This is just insane, I cant imagine having to chose between my mom and dad in a situation like this. Its so sad..

    I bet its going to be like Atlanta with all the empty seats...