Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shanghai: Real Predictions (Women Part 2)

This is part 2 of my Women's predictions for the coming World Championships in Shanghai. Click here for part 1.

In these picks, I am going to cover the women's backstroke and butterfly. I am saving the best- breaststroke and relays, for last. Lets get right to it:

50 Back
1. Gao Chang
2. Anastasia Zueva
3. Emily Seebohm

Comment: No comment on first. Zueva has shown improved speed this year and I have a good feeling about Seebohm. Could be wrong on all three

100 Back
1. Jing Zhao
2. Anastasia Zueva
3. Emily Seebohm

Comment: Feels weird to not put Coughlin here as she has shown a knack for getting her hand on the wall first. I pick Zhao getting a home crowd boost and I might as well ride Zueva/Seebohm at this point

200 Back
1. Jing Zhao
2. Meagan Nay
3. Missy Franklin

Comment: See above for Zhao. I think Nay is the better of the two Aussies despite Belinda Hocking's slightly faster time. Franklin has shown some really good improvement in this event.

50 Fly
1. Therese Alshammar
2. Inge Dekker
3. Jeannette Ottesen

Comment: I think it is a toss up between Ottesen and Sjostrom for 3rd but I gave the Dane the tie breaker. I also think that Ottesen focuses on this event more as she is not quite as good at the longer distance.  My love affrair with the Netherlands continues. I kind of love this event because the fly and breaststroke 50s are so different from the 100s.

100 fly
1. Sarah Sjostrom
2. Liu Zige
3. Dana Vollmer

Comment: I smell a comeback for Zige. I mean, I just read an article that she was relaxing and having a fun time at a party. It was very informative! Thanks Chinese media!

200 fly
1. Liu Zige
2. Kathleen Hersey
3. Ellen Gandy

Comment: I am going out on a limb with Hersey. I feel like she has a lot more stability this year in her training and it will pay off. Or I could have no idea what I'm talking about. We'll see.

Check back tomorrow for the last part of my women's picks!


  1. I like these picks! You don't need to know how many days Seebohm has been in the hospital as of late...

  2. Haha. Well that's always a risk with Emily but what the heck. Sometimes she swims fast anyway

  3. I thought you wanted to beat me this time.