Monday, July 25, 2011

Swimgating 2011: Day 3


Welcome back to your guide to this night's (Shanghai morning) preliminary session. Thing should be a breeze tonight, much to the relief of US fans that are staying up to watch and then quickly sneaking in a good night's sleep before the meet starts up again. I would also like to give you the update that we have totally canned that drug lover Mike Gustafson for all the mean things he said about Dunford. Shame on you Gus! On too what to watch for tonight:
The men's 50 breaststroke is going to be awesome. How do I know this? Well, for one Alexander Dale Oen was within .02 of the textile best in the 50 breast on HIS WAY OUT for the 100. The two guys behind him, Fabio Scozzoli and Cameron Van Der Burgh, are much better known for their 50 speed than 100. Throw in a dash of Felipe Silva, and you have all the ingredients for awesome. Although I heard Rowdy comment on how burly Silva is. The dude has nothing on good 'ol Mark Warnecke. Check this out:

Now THAT'S a guy who swims 50 breast. 

The men's 200 fly is next up, and I suspect Tony Austin (author of already has a blog written that he will upload within seconds proclaiming Phelps' reign over. More likely? Ryusuke Sakata gets to compare notes with countryman Takeshi Matsuda on what Phelps' kick looks like. Also, the 200 fly is a treasure trove of cool names. Leonardo De Deus? Dinko Jukic? Bence Biczo? Michael Rock? It never ends.

Before we get to distance boredom, we have the women's 200 free. Now I have an important question. How much do you think that Federica Pellegrini's competitors hate the fact that she is not only faster than them but also MUCH better looking? Picture time, again:

I say, a lot.

Finally, we have the grizzled distance men swimming a "girls" event, the 800 (Take that Lisa!) I still don't get why this isn't just a standard olympic event for both genders or both don't just do the 1500. I mean, we do know that women (oops, slipped up) can finish the 1500, right? On the plus side, Pal Joensen is finally swimming, to the delight of his 40,000 Faroese and the members of his US fan club (me). I think I was able to inspire my Danish countrymen by encouraging them in their native tongue so here goes my Faroese: Kom so Føroyar!


  1. IOC says that swimmers already get too damned many medals at the Olympics.

  2. I love that your "native tongue" is in a different font... copy / paste?

  3. Hey, its my fourth language and I needed a little help. But you won't find Faroese in google translate.

    Braden, yeah, they should just go ditch the women's 800 and make it a 1500.

  4. Geeze Desantis, where was the invite to the party?? This post basically explains how Dave Salo got all of those swimmers to come to USC.

  5. What, it's just a bunch of USC swimming fans gathering to cheer on Rebecca Soni. I don't get what the big deal is.

  6. Yes, I bet they are cheering for Soni, because clearly they're breaststroke fans.

    Daaannnggg I just dropped some 11-12 Age Group humo on y'all!

  7. Are these "women" or "girls?"

  8. Ha. My grandfather would have called them, "broads." Whatev. My picture is still way hotter than yours.

  9. "Kom so Føroyar" did help ;-)

  10. Chris, the picture of Pellegrini you posted and salivating over is from Athens 2004, when she was aged just 15! Given some of your other blogs on coaches who have "inappropriate relationships" and the whole US swim scandal issue, might it be somewhat inappropriate for you to post a picture of a 15 year old girl and express how she is so much more attractive than her rivals?

  11. Thank you for correcting that. I don't really think I would call saying she was "a lot" better looking than her competitors is really innapropriate but I will change the photo. I didn't know when it was from it looked very much as she does today.

  12. What a stretch that insult was. The photo in question was a headshot of Federica Pellegrini holding a medal close to her face. Though you could not see her neck, you could see that she was wearing a heavy jacket thus chris' comment was obviously about her face alone.

    Calling a baby, a child, a teen: good looking, pretty or handsome does not constitute a lascivious comment. To insinuate that chris' comment was "somewhat inappropriate" is an obvious attempt to slam him. Show some class.


    Yes, you are the best looking swimmer there is but I am a sucker for a redhead and I love your movies and the mermaid shoot you did with Anne Leibovitz