Tuesday, July 26, 2011

View From the Stands: Lochte Beats Phelps and Phelps Still Beats Biedermann

Americans Lochte and Phelps go 1-2 in the Men's 200 Free.  Swimgasm 

Well, it looks like someone read my blog while warming up head-bobbing to Weezy in the ready room.  While some here at Swim Brief were having a solo swimgasm over the Danes and the Chinese the rest of us were having a collective, sustained swimgasm over the Men's 200 Free.

Lochte won.  To rehash my analogy from yesterday, Lochte followed up his warning shots in Irvine with a full-frontal assault this morning.  It was a great race. **  Phelps was leading the first 50 but at 100m, that 3rd wall, Lochte came bustin' out like a stripper out of a bachelor party cake and that was it.  Phelps was close, only .35 seconds behind Lochte and Herr Biedermann finished with bronze at 1.44.88.

** I didn't know it was a great race until later.  The Universal Sports 'live' feed didn't work for anyone.  For $9.99 all I've gotten so far is a spinning circle on my screen and an ulcer.  By the time I found my way to the Euro Sport feed the race was over.  Why can't we have a pay per view option through our cable/satellite providers?  Why am I paying for an online feed, anyways?  This must be how Tea Party members feel.  I'm a GD American.  It should be my Constitutional right to have free and effective swimming coverage.

Congrats to both Michael Fred and Ryan Steven.  They meet again for the 200IM.

Is that a rabbit?  No idea dude, but it's tight!


  1. "Lochte came bustin' out like a stripper out of a bachelor party cake and that was it" OMG Lisa, your fantastic.. hahaha

    Even the EuroFeed got funky at the beginning and then cut out right at the end. I have watched the replay a few times on Universal sports.

    I would also like Cielo to take note. Ryan has been busting his hump for years to become top dog. He beats MFP on the world stage and there is no over celebrating, there are no tears. You smile, shake your fist a bit, congradulate the other swimmer and go warm down. If he had never won a big race than I get it.. but this isnt your first time to the Rodeo Man.. cut the crap (sorry everytime I think of Cielo and the tears – it drives me INSANE)

  2. in France we got our swimgasme over the 100 BACK because in one race we got our two first gold medal for the men in a world championship . Talking about cielo crying i read a very good cronicle of pieter vandenhoogenband in l'equipe saying that cielo was way over the top by sitting on the water line and puping his fists and then crying .
    Talking about pieter , he was my first swimming crush , he is stil looking good


  3. Someone give me the Euro Sport link. QUICK! ... PLEASE?

  4. Thank the good man, Tom, at Speed Endurance:


  5. haha Reezy Nation I agree with you about Cielo's tears. So over it. He needs to do that in private with his mommy.

    I hear you Lisa on the Universal Sports massive fail. What a great race, but it would have been even better to not know the outcome when watching it for the first time.

  6. omg I just noticed the picture caption. genius!