Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nighttime Snack- Back in Cali

This is my view for the first finals session here at Summer Nationals. It's not as bad as it looks- you can't see the scoreboard if you're on the other side and space is extremely tight. While many Nationals meets tend to lack star power when they fall this close to a major international meet, that is not the case this summer. I'm just about to watch Dana Vollmer, world champion, swim the 100 fly.

This meet is also serving as a qualifier for Junior national team service. If you are wondering if that combined with a lot of the world championship team being here makes for strong competition- wonder no longer. I had a swimmer comfortably make Olympic trials this morning- and finish 48th.

The meet is also so crowded they are running prelims in two pools. Oh and did I mention that Brendan Hansen is still extremely fast. Like, can we invent a time machine and put him on the Shanghai team fast? Cause he is.

Of course, Omaha looms over this meet. You can already feel some nerves 11 months away. Everybody wants that momentum, but not everyone is getting it.

Did I mention Brendan Hansen is still fast?

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