Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nighttime Snack: A Big Bag of Gus

Mike Gustafson!  Healthy Yet Satisfying! 

Texas A&M moving to the SEC?  What does that mean for college swimming?  According to Gus, it should be a rallying cry for swim fans throughout the country.  Read his article for USA Swimming here:


  1. What I've seen from age group swimmers is once they reach the "next level" they kind of snub the lower level. The dozen sectional swimmers on our team would not be caught dead at an age group meet (even though some only had 1 sectional time).

    The team catered to this group by providing (at no cost) new warm-ups, swimsuits, etc., cancelling practices for everyone else - while others never even received a free swim cap.

    The Grand Prix came to town and my daughter wanted to watch one of her friends swim against an Olympian, but felt that she didn't belong at the meet because she was not "fast".

    I had to explain to her that ANYONE could purchase tickets and that the meet was advertised and spectators were wanted.

    I drove her to the meet, thinking I would be able to drop her off (she was a high school senior). She asked me to go in with her and the agreement was that I could leave if she felt comfortable. Needless to say, I wasn't able to leave and had to accompany her back to finals.

    Perhaps others feel the same way!