Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gus Needs Help

Of course I do. That's not the issue.

What I really need are YOUR resources. I'm starting a column over at USA Swimming which follows the experiences of four Olympic Trials qualifiers. Please check out my "Open Letter to USA Swimming Members" here. 

Do you know anyone who's got a great story, and has also qualified for the Olympic Trials? GIVE ME THEIR NAMES. NUMBERS. EMAILS. AND A LIST OF THEIR PERSONAL FEARS.

Kidding about the fears. But the rest, please forward on to me. I've set up an email for this project -- Trials.Tribulations.2012[at] Any help or leads or pointing in the right direction would be of great benefit to me. Hopefully this can be a cool project. And if it's not, I will blame all of you. Personally.

Thanks for reading this. Now get back to work, people.

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