Friday, March 9, 2012

Time for USAS To Own Up on Stopkotte

Earlier this week, swim coach Ken Stopkotte had all criminal charges dropped by an Indiana judge. Stopkotte, of course, first came into national consciousness when he appeared on the ABC 20/20 expose of sexual abuse in swimming that also featured Chuck Wielgus' famous "You feel I need to apologize?" line. On the program, Stopkotte was featured as a whistleblower for the under reported problem of sexual abuse in swimming. Soon afterwards, Stopkotte was banned from USA Swimming for falsifying times and then later arrested on the criminal charges referenced above.

There are many layers to the exoneration of Stopkotte. Most important is the sentiment that Stopkotte shared following:

" It was a very depressing, embarrassing and humiliating period of my life and it was extremely difficult and painful for me"

And thankfully it's over. For the time period while Stopkotte was still battling the charges against him, he was frequently used as a foil against those who chose to speak out as he did. The implication was that since the whistleblower from 20/20 was an "embezzler" and a "thief", ipso facto those who agreed with him were much the same.  It was also frequently insinuated that he was the person behind the "Splash of Truth" website in order to discredit that site as well. 

What remains is Stopkotte's suspension from USA Swimming for falsifying times. I don't believe the suspension is undeserved- the changing of results and reversing disqualified swims is very dishonest. However, the practice is much more frequent than USA Swimming or Indiana Swimming would probably like to admit, and it's hard to not feel like Stopkotte was singled out and retaliated against by both. It seems that rather than being guilty of falsifying times, Stopkotte was guilty of "falsifying times while criticizing USA Swimming"

I was reminded of how thin skinned Colorado Springs remains when I read this Swimming World interview a month ago. The article is purported to contain an interview of Susan Woessner over the rebranding of "Athlete Protection" to "Safe Sport". The questions for the interview are embarassing. There are only two options: Susan wrote them herself or someone at Swimming World (there is no interviewer named) wrote the questions specifically to softball Susan. The entire thing reads like a P.R. statement. 

I have no issue with USA Swimming conducting some PR- the organization could certainly use some. But when they use supposedly "independent" media to deliver their PR under false pretenses, it makes them and Swimming World look very insecure. The largest remaining hurdle for USA Swimming in creating a "safer" sport is letting go of protecting their own organization ego- when I spoke to Mike Unger a couple months ago he couldn't help but bemoan how terribly unfair everything that had happened to USA Swimming was. 

Which brings us full circle- the dropping of charges against Ken Stopkotte was a reminder that while the most powerful people in swimming can't help but think of themselves as the victims, they most certainly aren't. 


  1. Well written - "Falsifying times while criticizing USA Swimming"!!!

  2. HAHA! I think Swimming World didn't watch enough Nick News back in the 90's. They've got the "who what where when" but constantly forget the most important one: "why".

  3. I agree, I think the suspension is deserved.

    Having said that, in Southern California, opportunities and discipline is directly tied to who you are/who you know.

    The rules state that an individual may, can, or could be disciplined for falsification of times, but never "will". This way the LSC can decide who they want to discipline.

    The rules also state that any registered swimmer meeting the standards and/or 16 years old for short course, 19 years old for long course, or a registered college swimmer can enter senior meets. Yet my 19 year old who was in college and had achieved the standard was refused entry. My 17 year old who was in college also was denied entry.

    Mary Jo Swalley and others said that they don't follow the rules because there are too many swimmers in Southern California, yet the rule remains in the book year after year. Why? So the LSC gets to decide who benefits from the rule depending on who you are and what club you are affiliated with.

    In Southern California, the senior meets are held at the better facilities (faster pools), therefore, athletes are able to improve their times. I understand the desire to get an athlete into these meets, but if the LSC's do not want to enforce their rules they should eliminate the time standards.

    1. Jeri Marshburn (LSC Chairman, National and Olympic team manager) said that the needs of the senior program had changed to prepare for Nationals and the rules no longer applied to the two meets in question. The review chair didn't know what to say (phone conversation), but his wife said that I was right.

      Next thing I knew, the titles of these two meets were changed to include the word "invitational" because invitationals have different entry requirements, even though the rule book states exactly which meets will be invitationals and these two weren't included.

      I contacted USA Swimming. Bill Krumm said that Southern Caliifornia is run different from other LSC's and to contact Mary Jo Swalley. Never heard back from Mr. Krumm when I told him that the titles were changed because I did contact Mary Jo and other LSC board members.

    2. The next four months were hell. Swim Torrance would not seed my daughter with her fastest times, but falsified other swimmers times to get them in events they did not qualify for. (my daughter's coach did not have access to the times database).

      We decided we wouldn't say anything unless it made a big difference. November - my daughter wanted her time corrected because the change would move her up 8 spots in the 500. Bettie yelled at me for 20 minutes, even though the coach gave me permission to ask.

      The next committee meet was in December. I told the coach that I was thinking of driving to San Diego (Imperial Swimming) for a senior meet that my daughter qualified for instead of having to deal with Bettie. I was told that I could get in trouble because the committee meet was the same weekend. So, I went to the committee meet and Bettie told my daughter she wasn't qualified to swim the 1650.

      January - teammates were swimming the 500 and 1650 with falsified times, but my daughter wasn't entered because she missed the 1650 by 2 seconds and the 500 by 1 second.

      I had had enough. I attended the next Swim Torrance board meeting and an hour debate took place on the relevancy of USA Swimming rules in reqards to proper seeding and falsification of times. Many board members felt that falsification of times was not cheating (many of their kids have swam with falsified times). Bettie said that everybody does it, but refused to discuss why she told my daughter she couldn't swim.

      A board member motioned to vote on whether or not Swim Torrance would continue to falsify times and if the board chose to falsify times, should it be done for all swimmers or should it be the coach's choice.

    3. Coach Julie (the times administrator) and the Chairman told me that all I or my daughter had to do was ask the coaches and they would falsify my daughters times. I told them that I would not ask somebody to cheat. I told Julie, "You're pissed off because I've asked you to seed her correctly, there's no way I'm going to ask you to cheat." Tina told me that basically I shouldn't be involved anymore because my daughter just turned 18. Other parents told me that I needed to be her advocate.

      Four months later, Bettie motioned to terminate my daughters membership. Bettie held two voting positions on Swim Torrance Board. Bettie and Tina (Chairman of the board) said I didn't have the right to make phone calls and immediately terminated my daughters membership. (Coach Julie was the interm head coach and was suppose to coach my daughters group but instead had her brother-in-law coach. We knew nothing about him - he didn't appear on the team website - Tina forwarded my request for info to Coach Julie. A former coach and a former board member gave me conflicting information. At the same time, people from other teams told my family who the new coach was so I called and asked.

      Needless to say, my daughter was devastated and humiliated. We appealed the decision and a hearing was held. The hearing panel consisted of Bettie, Tina and a former parent. My husband and daughter attended the hearing. I stayed away because I knew Tina and Bettie didn't like me and my daughter would have no chance.

      They upheld their decision that her membership was terminated because I didn't have the right to make phone calls.

    4. I phoned Bill Krumm, USA Swimming. He said that I must have done something else.

      I filed several protests with Southern California Swimming involving violations of USA Swimming, SCS swimming, code of conduct etc. While waiting for a hearing, I discovered that California Corporate Codes were violated.

      At the hearing (10 months later) when I tried to submit the codes, Mr. Duncan - hearing officer / attorney, laughed and basically dismissed the info as not being valid. Then in his written decision he writes, "Section 5341(e) of the California Corporations Code provides a remedy, etc." and "my daughter did not bring an action in the California courts pursuant to Section 5341(e)."

      The chairman of the review chair said they can't rule on California law. The decision was that Bettie Williams, Swim Torrance and others did not violate any rules of USA Swimming.

    5. According to USA Swimming rules and Jill Chasson I have to wait for a rehearing before the matter can go to the National Board of Review - it's been eleven months.

      It's been hell tying to figure out how to get the matter into the courts. Because the matter does not involve sexual abuse, attorneys will not help. Civil suits do not involve fines or imprisonment.

      I finally figured out that the Attorney Generals office takes complaints on non profits. I was told to file a complaint with the local police or the District Attorneys office if a crime had occurred, but they wouldn't tell me if corporate code violations were considered crimes.

      I went to the Torrance police department and the Homicide detective told me he didn't consider corporate code violations crimes and refused to file a report. He suggested I file a civil suit. I told him that it was not a civil matter. He told me to go to the Torrance District Attorney's office and to have them call him if the violations were considered crimes.

      The DA's office told me that the violations were misdemeanor crimes, but would not phone the detective. He said I should demand the police take a report. This man proceeded to tell me that my daughter was better off and why would I want her on a team like this, what was I teaching her by pursuing the matter, and don't I have better things to do with my time. He then said that in Torrance, the City Attorney handles misdemeanors and I should contact them, but they may not take a report because it's suppose to originate from the police. He also told me that unless I do A-Z people will think I'm crazy.

      I'm worn out - it's exhausting trying to explain the complexity of this organization to those who have no idea.

      I don't want other families to have to experience this treatment.

      I really do not know what the point of a rehearing is. There are too many LSC officers involved. Their actions contradict USA Swimmings mission statement.

    6. At the January meet, I spoke to the officials and asked about the entries and what was acceptable. Why do some athletes have to adhere to the time standards and others don't? I asked what would happen to my daughter if I falsified her time for the Senior "Invitational" in February. (She missed the cutoff for the 200 breast by less than 1 second). (The game now is to title all senior meets invitationals). They really couldn't answer or wouldn't answer.

      I truly believe the opportunities and discipline is directly tied to who you are/who you know.

    7. Southern California Swimming is divided into six committees. Athletes are required to compete in the committee of their club or of declaration. While athletes outside of the LSC can compete in some committee meets, athletes within the LSC are restricted to their own committee. Because we live on the wrong side of a bridge, we can't attend a meet 20 minutes away instead of the meet an hour away. The other option would be to drive 2 1/2 hours to San Diego or 5 hours to Central California to compete in other LSC's.

      Bettie Williams controls most of the meets in our committee (Pacific). It just wasn't an option to attend these meets any longer.

      I sent a request to Mary Jo Swalley to declare a new committee so my daughter could compete in a healthy environment. The request was denied.
      (During free weekends - few times a year - athletes in the LSC can compete in any committee. Tried to attend as many as possible because there was NEVER a problem at any meet we attended outside of the Pacific Committee).

      It's hard to join a new club team at 18. I found a masters team that worked out with a club team in a new committee, but this scenario would not allow my daughter to enter USA Swimming meets in the new committee. As far as SCS swimming was concerned she would still be considered unattached and was required to compete in the committee of residence. I was also told that she would not be able to use times from Masters meets to enter USA Swimming meets and she could not use college results even though the NCAA rulebook is used.

      Mary Jo also told be that SCS does not send observers for a single athlete even though I offered to pay the fees. So - how is it that some masters swimmers in Southern California are allowed to use their times to enter USA Swimming events. How does a single Masters swimmer get her times achieved at a masters meet loaded into SWIMS?

  4. Susan knows about the Amateur Sports Act? Could have fooled me!

  5. It's interesting how Ken received a two year suspension with USA Swimming, but a five year suspension with Indiana Swimming.

    Perhaps USA Swimming does know how common the practice is.

  6. Chris,

    Can I mail you information regarding altered results in a Los Angeles section CIF meet. One swimmers (club coach is a swim official) time was altered to get her in the finals. We were use to the bad calls at the high school meets, but had no idea that people could/would cheat when time pads were being used

    There were time pads, pickles, and 3 stop watches on each lane, yet the girls school coach was called to the admin table during the following event to get a time from the coach.

    This was a USA swimming Observed meet and the time was loaded into SWIMS.

    My husband had taken photos of the electronic scoreboard for all three heats. The fastest 12 swimmers advanced to finals. My daughter was in the last heat and had the 12th fastest time, until admin changed this girls time by over 3 seconds (100 breast) which kept her 4th place in heat #2 but guaranteed her a spot in the finals.

    It would be interesting to get feedback.

    1. My daughters coach phoned this girls coach and asked her what she told admin. She said, "I told them that I didn't have a time, but that my swimmer was right behind the other girl". YA - 3 seconds behind.

    2. Los Angeles School District (LAUSD) has about 50 high schools so it has its own CIF section.

      LAUSD is a NIGHTMARE to deal with. The LAUSD coordinator told my daughters coach that she would look into the matter. Finals were in 6 days including a 3 day holiday weekend. Believe me, LAUSD does not work that quickly.

      I contacted Jeri Marshburn and the Review Chairman of Southern California Swimming. They told me it was not a USA Swimming matter and could not help, but gave me the name of the CIF coordinator.

      On Tuesday, day before finals, my daughters coach had not heard anything. My husband and I drove to the CIF office in Los Angeles.

      We told Trent that we wanted the CIF's help because LAUSD drags their feet. He said that he was going to be at the finals the next day and asked if my daughter was swimming other events. We told him that she was in other events. He said he would call us in the morning - he never did.

      At the meet, Trent would not let my daughter swim the event. His attitude was that because she was in other events, this one didn't matter. IT MATTERED TO HER!!!
      (there were also two empty lanes.)

      Later we found out that Trent was a LAUSD employee. He told me that he wears two hats and didn't feel it was necessary to inform us of this fact.

      Even though my kids had been USA Swimming members for about 6 years, I had no idea how the organizational structure worked.

      When I was told that it was not a USA Swimming matter, I had no reason not to believe what I was told.

      Then I started paying more attention to the details, learning about the structure, the rules and regulations.

      Wait a minute - the altered time was loaded into SWIMS - dosen't that make it a USA swimming matter?

    3. I phoned Bettie Williams and asked her how the timing system worked. Bettie told me that times are changed manually.

  7. I had read about a USA/NCSA Juniors conflict and that Mary Jo Swalley would not allow the meet to receive a HS waiver because USA Swimming does not support the meet, therefore, Socal does not approve the meet which is held in March.

    In Southern California, High school swimming is a spring sport which runs between February and May. Having a Juniors meet in March would not benefit Southern California swimmers.

    1. It's really not about the swimmers. The meet wouldn't benefit the LSC!!!

  8. I will say this:

    As a coach I feel there is a difference between falsifying times and changing entry times.

    Ken was falsify nulled results that were not in the SWIMS database to get swimmers into high profile elite meets and Indiana LSC championship meets.

    I have changed entry times for swimmers a handful of times. If the meet has standards where no proof of time is required, I have often entered swimmers who were close at the cut time. They then swim in the slowest heats anyway. I have also entered distance swimmers with slower and a couple of times faster to guarantee swimming in the morning or at night. But also these were meets where no proof of times were required.

    I am in the OH LSC and we recently moved all championship meets to the USA OME system. This eliminated a lot of proof times and prevented several known teams from entering swimmers with questionable cuts.

    I would encourage you to push for your meets to run through the OME system because times not in SWIMS must be proven on deck with a copy of the result.

    1. Here's the thing - 90% of USA Swimming members ONLY swim at non proof of time meets. These athletes have goals as well and deserve the right to fair competition. Many athletes need to "race" and not just "swim" an event in order to improve their time.

      An example of what Swim Torrance would do:
      500 - Swimmer seeded with 5:49 instead of 6:24 and then swam a 6:18. (displaced 16 swimmers).

      200 IM - Swimmer seeded with 2:51 instead of 3:13 and then swam a 3:17.

      200 fly - swimmer seeded with a 2:30 instead of 2:40 and swam 2:41.99.

      This would happen at just about every meet and it compromises the integrity of the sport.

      The attitude of Bettie Williams and several Swim Torrance Board members was that because these were not proof of time meets it really did not matter, thus the hour debate.

      These kids championship meets were also not important (JO max meet). Swim Torrance would enter swimmers who already had Jo times because they wanted another opportunity for the JO swimmer to get a sectional cut.

      Of course the JO swimmer is going to walk away with the medal.

      Proof of time meets are no different - it takes less than 5 minutes to find a swimmer who does not have a valid entry time.

      USA Swimmimg is suppose to be one big swim team, but the acceptable practices between LSC's are obviously very different.

      The real question becomes, if entry times are no big deal then why is my daughter being denied the right to participate?

  9. I really don't think it's very hard for computer personnel to change a time, during a meet, which is automatically loaded into SWIMS. It takes seconds.

    Ken probably entered too many at one time and it drew attention.

    A time could be changed before the results are posted and no one would ever know the difference.

  10. I'm a coach from another Indiana club and what didn't come out was that Ken DID NOT reverse disqualifications and none of the times were made up. That was one of the embellished charges that Indiana Swimming came up with to run him out of the sport. What Ken did do was insert times legitimately done in observed high school meets into club meets because the paid and incompetent Indiana Swimming office was slow entering them in the SWIMS. Ken never denied inserting times, but was forced into fighting the ridiculous and excessive penalties and the added-on charges by the Indiana Swimming/USA Swimming people from the very beginning. He ran out of money and his New York lawyer refused to show up for the arbitration. So Ken had no choice but to agree to the settlement. Another thing that happened was that Indiana Swimming intimidated people on Ken's witness list that were going to testify in his behalf. I KNOW THIS FOR A FACT. Not only was this great man barred from coaching, but he lost his life savings and I understand it wrecked his family. I heard that it caused the disintegration of his marriage and his younger son, who was a top swimmer, quit because of the shame it caused him. I also have reasons to believe that they worked behind the scenes to get Ken falsely arrested. This is just sick and unfair and I hope that justice prevails someday for Ken.

    1. I logged on tonight to recant my statement above "I think the suspension is deserved" and saw your post.

      I've been thinking about it. I don't know anything about Indiana Swimming, therefore, I don't know what penalty is deserved.

      In Southern California some high school meets are observed others are not. Some college meets are observed, others are not.

      My sons college times were good enough for Sectionals, senior meets, Janet Evans Invitational, but Southern Caliifornia would not let him swim.

      At least Ken admitted inserting times. The Swim Torrance times administrator told the review board that the erroneous times are basically floating around in SWIMS and she has no control over when they will appear.

      The review board bought it - oh wait a minute - one of the review members was part of a protest I filed (according to the CIF instructions).

  11. At my hearing 3 of the 5 panel members showed up. The review chair showed up to take notes only. Ed Duncan, (corporate attorney, long time member of USA Swimming) was the presiding officer.

    Tina (chairman of Swim Torrance) submitted into evidence a four page slanderous report. Personally attacking me and accusing the former Head coach of making statements at a board meeting, when in fact, other Board Members were the culprits.

    Tina's daughter did not swim at the age group meets because she had a couple of sectional times. The only time I saw Tina at a meet is when Swim Torrance was hosting and I was working the awards.

    I felt it was not necessary to address all of the BS. I stuck to proof of illegal activity, proof of falsified times, proof of discriminatory behavior, proof of code of conduct violations, etc.

    During the hearing, Mr. Duncan asked Bettie Williams questions and one member of the hearing panel, Lynda, felt the need to answer some of the questions for Bettie. At one point, Lynda said that there was a rule that allowed JO swimmers to swim at JO max meets during long course. (I still haven't found the rule).

    Near the end of the hearing, Mr. Duncan addressed the protest I had submitted regarding the CIF incident. Lynda said that there was nothing wrong with the altered time (her name was on the meet information sheet - I have no idea if she was physically there).

    When the protest involving the senior meets was addressed, Lynda told a review member that the members family member was involved with the senior meets.

    When Mr. Duncan told me that the Corporate codes were basically not valid, I submitted them anyway. At the end of the hearing, I figured that Mr. Duncan didn't want these board members to know that it is illegal for officers to provide false information to a governing body. (a misdemeanor).

    Maybe this was a hearing for Lynda as well. She kept protecting Bettie.

    The same evening, the boards decision was that no USA Swimming rules were violated and denied the protest.

    I walked out of that room feeling that there had to be a twist - I waited for the written decision. The written decision - USA Swimming rules were not violated.

    The review chair said that the review board cannot rule on California law - USA swimming rules state otherwise.

    As this drags on, I believe that Federal Laws are being violated.

    non-profit clubs are governed by the LSC - the LSC is governed by USA Swimming - USA Swimming is governed by the USOC.

    A hearing at the club level and a hearing at the LSC level have been held with "fixed" hearing panels which is a violation of the USOC.

  12. Central California Swimming (CCS) website has board minutes that are pretty interesting. They write that the power base is in socal. They discuss the fact that some clubs want to leave and join CCS but socal will not let them. Other clubs are not interested because the $ is too good in socal.

    1. It's always about the money. At one Swim Torrance board meeting, the treasurer told the board that she would send an e-mail to the membership telling them "A" so they would think "B" so they would do "C".

  13. My daughter was on Swim Torrance for about 5 months. A mandatory parent meeting was called for high school swimmers. Bettie Williams was present - I had no idea she was part of Swim Torrance. She began by yelling and threatening all the parents in the room that if they did anything to jeopardize _______________ they would have to deal with her.

    I had no idea what she was talking about and it appeared that others didn't know either. I said, "I have no idea what you're talking about". We were told that parents at a senior meet were discussing things that the Swim Torrance board was doing and if others heard it could cause problems. Of course, people are going to ask more questions and then the parents are accused of parking lot gossip.

    1. Bettie has this control over people. She has the power to make the lives of individuals and entire teams miserable.

      A couple of months after this meeting, my daughter and I attended a committee meet. I noticed, from the meet program, that all of the swimmers were attached. I told my daughter to find out which swimmers were swimming high school because they needed to unattach.

      There was a group of about seven and they PLEADED with me to go with them to the admin table because they didn't want Bettie to scream at them.

      I accompanied these kids to admin, and of course, Bettie starts her 5 minute yelling lecture on why she couldn't hand us a form and that we had to come back at the end of the meet.

      People leave after their events are over - they shouldn't have to wait until the end of the meet. I told the coach what was going on so he walked over to admin and was back, with the form, in less than 5 minutes.


  14. Alright, I've read about enough. I understand your frustration- but coming on here and just posting an endless string of comments is not the right way to use this comment section. I know you would like me to help but I can't. I cannot verify anything that you are posting and do not know any of the people involved. I've allowed these comments because they are tangentially related to Stopkotte (in that they involve changing of times). It sounds like you should start your own blog- if you can't post these thoughts non-anonymously for fear of retribution, by allowing them on my blog you are putting me at risk for that retribution. Please stop.

  15. Chris,

    You referenced Susan's interview. Susan talks about people holding different pieces to the puzzle. How many pieces does she want? What size puzzle is she talking about - 100 pc, 500 pc, 1000 pc? Is there a specific puzzle she's looking for? How long should the LSC hold on to the pieces before they're sent to Susan?

    I actually believe that USA Swimming has no idea of what goes on in the LSC's. (I'm probably the fool). Each time I have contacted USA Swimming, the matter is referred back to the LSC.

    When I read that the National team challenges swimmers to swim the mile, or how do we retain swimmers, or how could we build the base - it's kind of puzzling - perhaps USA Swimming has no idea that others are sabotaging their efforts.

    There are about 20,000 registered swimmers in Southern California. The time standards get tougher and tougher. Thousands of kids will never qualify for JO's in Southern California, but these same kids qualify for many events in other LSC's. I had no idea that each LSC has their own JO time standards.

    The age group invites are set so only a small percentage of SCS kids can swim, but SCS allows entry for 400-600 swimmers from other LSC's. The same with the senior meets - kids in the LSC will never be able to compete, but outside swimmers can.

    Southern California is more friendly to athletes in other LSC's.

    There's never TOO MANY swimmers at the financial level. It's frustrating and insulting to keep hearing this phrase - these are human beings, not locust.

    People would rather scramble and change the titles of meet information forms instead of allowing two qualified swimmers to enter? WHY? (I have both versions and e-mails to back it up).

    When are people allowed to speak up? I've dealt with a lot of crap within youth activities. No it's not Ok to take my daughters prizes away after she sells 1000 (one thousand) boxes of girl scout cookies. No It's not OK for a girl scout leader to forge my name on a check. No it's not OK for the Captain of the high school swim team to take my daughter's League Championship medal.

    I cannot stand lying and cheating. I give people the benefit of the doubt - maybe they don't know - maybe it was a mistake. It becomes very disheartening when you realize that these people know exactly what they are doing.

    If entry times are not important, let EVERYBODY use estimated times.
    If the rules and regulations are only guidelines, let EVERYBODY know.
    If adhering to the code of conduct is optional, let EVERYBODY know.
    Standards used for getting a time into SWIMS should be the same for EVERYBODY.
    Timing standards should be the same for EVERYBODY.

    The sports act is all about "EQUAL OPPORTUNITY". The LSC's need to be on the same page as to "what is" and "what is not" acceptable behavior.

    Thank you Swim Brief - other sites are VERY sensitive when it comes to Southern California.

  16. Sellersa,

    "As a coach, I feel there is a difference between falsifying times and changing entry times".

    Why? it accomplishes the same goal - getting swimmers into meets and events they do not qualify for.


    Those Who Attempt To Challenge The Blue Wall Of Silence At USA Swimming Face Instant Retaliation

  18. Cannot believe anyone would ever consider changing times or entering false times. You are only fooling yourself and hurting potential entrants who could not make the meet. Coaches who enter false times should be barred. Swim times are not very important in lifes bigger picture