Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Mood on Deck: Pre-Meet Omaha

If there's one universal feeling in Omaha it's the venues first impression. Without fail, everyone I spoke to got a shot of pure adrenaline. I'd remembered Omaha fondly from 2008 but everything seems better still this time around

Once the adrenaline passed came a reminder of just how different the experience here can be. I talked with a coach who was here for the first time. He couldn't have thought of something to complain of if he gave it his all. It's a good thing to have at a meet like this, people who are just genuinely over the moon to be here.

USA Swimming officials seem anxious but friendly. They are preparing for the deluge and grateful that many decided to trickle in early. All the most important folks were glad handing around the deck this afternoon.

Swimmers who are here for the first time snd just under the cut have a tangible sense of wonder for what they are taking part in. They will likely compete in a meet this fast, this big and in this type of venue just once in their lives. For those that are in contention there is a nervous excitement. The difference between 3rd and 2nd is a couple orders of magnitude in notoriety. Their coaches mirror that energy, knowing that they will be judged by something they only slightly control. The tension of waiting weighs on everyone. Only 10 days until we miss it.

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