Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shameless Promotion of Trials Features

So far I've lost 5 pounds covering the Olympic Trials. While that's more of a reflection of my pre-Trials shape rather than the physical demands of not-competing, there's still a lot of running around, late nights, coffee drinking, and interviews to gather. I'm now back in Brooklyn writing and working remotely, so I have some free time to share with anyone who cares what I've been doing in Omaha. Here are a few features I've written on the website:

What Matt Grevers Learned. 

Claire Donahue Seizes Her Moment.

Replacing Third Place Tears.

Where Dreams Come True. 

I also write bad jokes on Twitter, in case you're interested in not laughing. My Twitter handle is @MikeLGustafson.

Finally, is anyone else already depressed that Trials will be over soon? I'm almost contemplating DVRing Trials and watching only three seconds every day just to prolong the event until the Olympics.... Or maybe I should just find this guy.

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  1. I really enjoyed your articles. They are well written and seem to have a great deal of insight.

    The best part of these trials was watching the expressions of the athletes once they realized they had made the team and watching the under dogs win.

    I was really happy that Matt Grevers made the team. A couple of years back, he was gracious enough to walk the pool deck (several times) taking photos and signing autographs. My daughter was one of the lucky recipients of his kindness and cherishes the photos (yes, he took a group photo with her and her friends and an individual photo with my daughter only).

    The kindness Matt showed on that pool deck will never be forgotten and we wish him the best.