Sunday, June 24, 2012

Why is the Olympic Trials Pool 25 Yards Across?

Today I was happily reading about the ultimate destination of the Olympic trials pool to the Boston area when I stumbled on something curious: the trials pool is short of FINA international standards: It's just 25 yards across, not 25 meters.

I had noticed on the first day that the lanes seemed a little narrow. Why is this? I invite you to use this space to posit theories and get the ball rolling myself:

1. It made the pool easier to donate, because this is America and we hate the metric system

2. More deck space for fancy video equipment and TV production


  1. 3. Ronald Reagan

  2. I think your first point is most correct. also i don't think they were planning on running 10 lanes until after they contracted the pool. lanes would be wide enough with 8 lanes.... ? maybe

  3. Normally they have 10 lanes anyways but the outside ones are just to make it less wavy

  4. Donate? Tell the guy in Omaha who bought one of them for Omaha for $2 M