Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nick Thierry, Swimming Legend, Died Today.

If there is one time in your life that you got Swimnews and read every single word that Craig Lord has written, let today be that day. This morning Lord penned an obituary for his friend and mentor, Nick Thierry, the founder of Swimnews and someone everyone that writes about swimming owes a huge debt to.

I would venture to guess that Nick Thierry had maybe 1/3 the name recognition of his website or Lord himself. But behind Lord's blistering editorials sat a man who inspired others in swimming through simple means. Nick Thierry saw something that needed to be done for the sport and he went and did it. Foremost among those was his effort at record keeping, and the unbelievably comprehensive current and historical world rankings contained at Swimnews. His effort is still far beyond anything the governing body of international swimming, FINA, has ever been able to manage.

Enough from me- go to Swimnews right now and read. GO!

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