Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Best User Submitted Wielgus Memes

From Mike in Andover, Massachusetts
And the beat goes on. Since we introduced our set of Wielgus meme's last week, user submissions have poured in. The hits keep coming for USA Swimming as well, with the announcement of multi-million dollar judgments in several of their legal cases. In these difficult times, we can only take temporary solace from the complete failure of leadership from the top. That solace must come in the form of Chuck Wielgus memes.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Chuck Wielgus Memes You Have Needed All This Time

When I saw the photo accompanying this story on Swimswam, I knew something immediately. I needed to take the photo and create memes with it. Everything about this photo screams "meme" to me: Bruce Stratton's mustache, the big laugh Chuck Wielgus seems to be enjoying, the way Stratton gazes adoringly at Wielgus. Therefore, I hereby announce the Swim Brief's first meme contest. Take this photo and create memes with it- submit those meme's to swimbrief@gmail.com. The best will be reprinted with credit on this blog. Follow the jump for one more example- after that it's all yours

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What Does it all Mean: The Mark Schubert Suit

Yesterday morning, news broke that a former employee of Golden West Swim Club (GWSC) was suing that club's head coach, Mark Schubert, for wrongful termination. Taken alone, it's fairly big news in this sleepy post-Olympic September. Contained within the suit, however, are allegations so strong that in the word's of Tim Joyce, the author of the above-linked article, they "[are] likely to cause a domino effect at USA Swimming". I wish I could agree.

Friday, September 14, 2012

We're the "Best": The Self Congratulatory 2012 Aquatic Sports Convention

This week, the Aquatic Sports Convention descended on Greensboro, NC. From afar, I am concerned with two things: first, the approval of many changes to USA Swimming rules that would help us take another step forward. Second, it's another chance to check USA Swimming leadership: where are they now and where are they telling us they are headed?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

High-Altitude Training Does Not Improve Swimming Performance

"Michael Phelps has slept in a hyperbaric chamber in preparation for these London Olympics".
"The secret to Floyd Landis' training is a hyperbaric chamber".

“Missy grew up in Colorado, so she has been training at altitude since a kid”.

For all those living in the pool, Floyd Landis was the 2006 Tour de France champion, until he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs and stripped of his title. These two quotes are not meant to accuse Mr. Phelps, the greatest swimmer of all time, is using performance enhancing drugs, but to bring to light the myths surrounding the topic of high-altitude training.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Swim Brief Classic: The Start of Every High School Invitational I Have Ever Hosted

Since today I am scrambling to get ready to host our first high school meet of the season, I felt like sharing this one form the old swimviking blogspot.  I am sure you can all relate.

Uhh... now what do I do?

“Welcome to the Red Bird Invitational. We are set for a 1:00 start. This is the time when we need volunteers to come down behind the blocks to run stopwatches. If you are a volunteer timer, please check in with the referee near the starters booth at this time…”

Six minutes pass…