Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sneaking in a Workout, Ended Up with a Flashback

Yesterday I took my high school girls to a meet and had a chance to sneak in a workout during the diving warm-up.  It was simple and short, of course, but no different than my normal.

My 200 breast USRPT target doesn't quite match my best time right now.  Notice, when I started this training I was at 2:12.3 for my best come-back race time, which translates to a 33.0 target.  I decided to leave my target there even after I improved since I had not mastered it yet by completing 20 repeats with no fails.

-8x75 warm up, mixing in speedplay.
-50's on 50 at 200 breast USRPT target (33.08) out to third fail.  My score was 8+2+2.  (My previous best is 11-4-2.)
-150 easy...

Since I didn't do my best score I decided to try to redeem it by doing a fast 200 breast from a push.  My best in a practice so far was 2:21, which I had done once.  Before that I had done a couple of 2:24's after target sets and I was hoping to take a shot at that 2:21 again.

Well, when I got to the 75, who did I see?  My old college coach from Missouri State, Jack Steck, standing at the end of the lane watching. He had showed up to officiate the high school meet.  He had his shoulders shrugged and a hand on his chin as though he was about to get on my case for something... so of course I dug deep.  I ended up hitting a 2:17.

It hurt like hell, but it was a great feeling having Jack watching me as though he was calculating how many points I was about to score.  It certainly added something to the workout.

Not sure I could handle that every day though. USRPT is mentally tough enough without Jack breathing down my neck. I felt like I was gonna die when I hit that wall!

Dammit, Klosterman!  You're swimming like you just got your ass bit by a Saluki!

Monday, January 26, 2015

VO2MAXimizer Pre-Kickstarter Campaign!

A few weeks ago I posted about a device I have started using, and I am excited to announce that it is going to make it's first big marketing push.  If you like VO2MAXimizer on facebook and check in at their website you will be able to follow along and see the actually using the device and showing off their results! I use this device and swear by it.  Remember, if you decide to purchase one, choose the Viking in the drop down menu at checkout to let them know I sent you.


**Attention** Your chance to be the first be one of the first to own the Best New Thing in Fitness Training is almost here!!!


Pre Kickstarter Sale Coming 2/23/15. Only 15 Units available at $200.00 off retail (even less than our early bird kick-starter pledge requirement).

The VO2MAXimizer is a new to the world product that produces guaranteed results that no other product can deliver!!! This product will change competitive sports!!!

Our beta users have all reported results including
1.) New personal best performances in each beta user's respective sport
2.) Measurable physiological changes including significant improvements in VO2 Max, Lactate Threshold, Pulse Rate, Blood Pressure, as well as 20% increase in Oxygen Carrying Red Blood Cells.


Over the next 5 weeks we'll be doing REAL TIME tests of the VO2MAXimizer and posting the progress videos and photos directly to Facebook Every Monday starting tomorrow. If you have doubts or are curious as to what you might be able to expect, stay tuned!!

Friday, January 23, 2015

A Pretty Awesome Morning Workout

I guess this will officially be my first training log post.  This morning was a pretty standard workout for me, but certainly outlines the way I have been making progress in my training.  Here's what I did with my team:

-10x75 on 1:30 easy free and breast drills, but mixing in speed-play to wake up the sprint.
-30x25 on 30 breaststroke in USRPT format.
-3 min. rest
-100 fast breaststroke from push.

My team went ahead and did another set after that, which was USRPT format for the 200 fly, but I don't plan to ever race that so I was done with my entire practice in about 30 minutes.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The "Viking Method" Experiment

Viking has been wanting to write quite a bit lately but have struggled to find the time.  I have been working pretty hard on a write up for SwimSwam about nutrition and training to be posted soon, since I opened my big fat mouth and tried to act like I am smarter than the nutritionist who posted some nutrition tips there. I decided that a great way to tie into that would be to supplement it with a series of smaller posts here. The first thing that will help with that is to describe my swimming comeback so that readers have some kind of reference to understand some of the the points I am making in case they want more info.  I hope that starting a little bit of a training log will add some depth to it without getting annoying. Once in a while I might just post a link or a video that anyone following along might want to see.  Sometimes it might just be a random thought, since finding time to write with the hours I work is nearly impossible. I would not post any of it if I did not think it was interesting and relevant.  I think that anyone who is curious about making themselves a better swimmer and has a mind open to new ideas might like following along with my little experimental adventure.