About the Swim Brief Crew

We are just three guys and a gal who love to talk swimming.  We hope to bring humor, commentary and occasionally some insight for all fans of competitive swimming.  Be sure to tell your friends to follow us through google connect or on Twitter or by giving us a "like" on facebook.

The Screaming Viking! is a stone cold killer.  He used to kill lots of crab and halibut between practices with the Viking Swim Club in Petersburg, Alaska.  Then he killed lots of brain cells between training sessions at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO.  Now he kills lots of time telling stories about swimming when he is not coaching his team.  The Viking has contributed to some established websites and stuff, but he kind of likes hanging out at The Swim Brief where swim friends can come together with no limitations.  The Viking does most of his writing while on the bus to swim meets or typing with one hand because his other arm has a needle in it so he can sell plasma on the side to support his blogging habit.  He aspires to someday be considered a top-notch swimming douche-bag celebrity.

Gus is a rumor, a whisper in the wind, a butterfly in the depths of your bowels when you see a baby playing with a kitten in the middle of a serene cloud utopia. He prefers the nomenclature "independent freelance artist" instead of "poor" and would really freaking appreciate if you would just please, like, contemporize, man.

Chris is a blogger, coach and a 7 time Mr. Universe bodybuilding champion (swim coach division). In between curls (bicep AND hamstring) he writes about whatever he feels like. He got his start in 2008 with the coolest website in swimming. In 2009 it all came crashing down, since then he has drifted from blog to blog like a character in a post-apocalyptic movie. He hopes to make The Swim Brief his permanent home but he's always open to better offers and does accept crispy bacon as payment.

Lisa does it all. When she is not curing autism or solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict she raises her triplet daughters and throws scant amounts of attention at her long-suffering husband, Kenneth. She prefers red over white, lager over ale and gin to vodka. A huge swim fan and swim mom she longs for the day everyone in the house can keep track of their own goggles and swim caps and washes their own towels. JEAH!