Guest Bloggers

The Swim Brief has an "open submissions policy" (read the details here) and that means that anyone who thinks they have the writing chops to contribute something worthwhile to our site can submit an article for us to consider.  We want this site to be a swim community labor of love.  Below are the bio's of some of our most frequent contributors:

Tom Duke is a distinguished swimming journalist from England's finest news source: The Daily Mirror. His favorite era of swimming was the decades of the 80s and 90s. His favorite swimmer is Alex Popov, who definitely never cheated when his coach was caught with performance enhancing drugs and he miraculously had a career resurgence in his 30s.. The reason is clear: Popov is not Chinese. Tom shares his London flat with his wife, Brunhilda, who grew up swimming in Communist East Germany.

Ritchie "MP" Cummins is Michael Phelps' greatest fan.  Since watching Michael win 8 gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Ritchie has lived by Michael's example and has strived to become Phelpsian in every way possible.  While Ritchie is a relatively new fan of competitive swimming, his knowledge of Phelps trivia makes him a valuable contributor to The Swim Brief.  Ritchie lives alone in his mom's basement in Silver Springs, Maryland and is currently learning to swim in the lessons program at the local YMCA.

G. John Mullen is a whole new level of swim-nerd.  Like, he's really a Doctor and stuff.  He works out of a secret lab in a cave.  Seriously.  Not sure why he wants to post here with us low-level geeks at The Swim Brief, but hey... we'll take it!  And we all might learn a little something we can use too. Check out his bio from the Santa Clara Swim Club website.